Southeast Storm Membership Policy

A. Storm General Information and Philosophy:

Southeast Storm is a community based basketball club, built for the purpose of promoting a strong, happy, athletic lifestyle for all participants. Storm promotes the healthy participation of players, coaches, officials, and supporters of the game.

Southeast Storm volunteers (President and Executive, Coaches) are not employees of the membership. Storm volunteers work free-of-charge in order to keep membership fees as low as possible. As such, they deserve the highest level of support from the membership.

Southeast Storm Fees go toward WMBA registration costs, insurance, coaches’ clinics, equipment, medical supplies and the club website. No person receives a salary from Southeast Storm.

Southeast Storm expects that all members will participate is a respectful manner. All members of Storm, other WMBA teams, Officials, Supporters, HSD Custodial Staff and other representatives, etc. should be treated with respect and dignity.

B. Roles and Responsibilities

1. President and Executive of the Club

The President and Executive of the Club are volunteers (not paid). They are charged with the administration and long-term viability of the club. It is their responsibility to make decisions in the best interests of all Storm Players, present and future.

2. Coaches

The Coaches are responsible for the operations of the various club teams. It is expected that the coaches will plan for practices and games with the best interests of the member players. It is the responsibility of the coaches to invest in all club players, their skill, fitness and knowledge. Coaches are not responsible for ensuring the good behaviour of club players. That is the responsibility of the parents. Coaches are given an honorarium equal to one player fee. This is to help cover their expenses during the season.

3. Parents

The Parents are responsible for the good behaviour of club players and family club supporters. Where discipline is necessary, it is the responsibility of the parents. Where parents wish to discuss matters with a coach, it is the club expectation that they will do so in a respectful manner.

Game days can be emotional times are all participants. As such, parents must respect a “cooling off” period of 24hrs after games finish. It is a violation of Storm Policy for a parent or other family member to initiate a conversation (verbal or written) involving concerns he/she has about anything involving Storm, Storm players or Coaches, Other WMBA Players or Coaches, Officials, etc... Within the 24hr period following a game.

Where there are issues between players, parents or families, the Parents are responsible for resolving the issue in a safe and respectful manner. If Parents cannot resolve these issues, the continued Club Participation of their children, family and themselves may be in jeopardy (see Club Participation below).

4. Players

Players are responsible for being respectful participants in the club. They are expected to bring a positive attitude to practice, games and beyond. They are expected to treat all other participants (teammates, opposition, coaches, officials, fans, etc…) in a fair, safe and respectful manner. If players have conflicts with one another, it is the responsibility of their parents to ensure that they remain respectful and supportive. Parents, not coaches, are responsible for disciplining their children for poor conduct.

C. Club Participation

In order to participate in any role with Southeast Storm, members must understand, accept and follow the roles and responsibilities identified above. Where members choose to violate these roles, they jeopardize their continued membership in the club. The President and Executive reserve the right to suspend or withdraw membership privileges from anyone who refuses to respect, follow and support these roles.

In the case of suspension, membership privileges will be returned, once the President and Executive are convinced that the members in question are following club policy; once the issue is resolved.

Storm membership may be withdrawn from an individual player or entire family, dependent upon the situation. In that case, the President and Executive may choose to refund membership fees in whole, on a pro-rated basis, or not at all. Storm reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who does not agree to and support this policy.

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